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      Road to Jane ...

      This company is specialized in media star broker companies, furniture selection bias fashion and comfort, and bring wood office furniture according to the customer&#39;s business services team nature and ...

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      Professional to create a healthy, relaxed, comfortable, user-friendly office environment, so that employees happy not to think of home

      M a carpenter, the Internet office furniture brand O2O, from Beijing Jiangxin Ge Network Technology Co. ltd.. Provide including on-site measurement, free design, on-site installation, after-sales service no free one-stop office furniture solutions and provide cost-effective environmental quality products and perfect service for entrepreneurial companies or to expand the scale of the rapid development of enterprises. Worry, save time, save the home purchase experience, as in the Internet office furniture brand O2O - M carpenter.

      One-stop service

      To provide you with one-stop service, from design to furniture throughout worry.

      Production time is short

      Workers stationed start, 10 hours a day, 25 days completed.

      Quote transparent

      All-inclusive, allowing you to spend every penny plainly.

      Reliable after-sales

      5-year shelf life.

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